Mednafen 0.9.45

The Mednafen team have released a new version – 0.9.45.

Official Website:

SHA-256: 49715544a5eb7a678f7f01994f38aa14e2192f00d201684184665665073a600e
SHA-256: 89a6f67711c2e0bb4c5e59fb684e7e54dbb3b3c4acee94ecab52740a204e942d
SHA-256: 27c6bc064e96a54fe082b834fa29019ac8e82b9f1bc9be047e2ec633bd1b424f


-- 0.9.45: --

May 29, 2017:
	Tweaked netplay sound buffer underrun kludge code.

	The netplay server host and port being connected to are now printed to the netplay console at the beginning of a
	connection attempt.

	Netplay connection attempts to servers are now non-blocking.

May 25, 2017:
	SS: Synchronize end of SMPC clock change commands to beginning of vsync instead of beginning of vblank, per tests on a SS.

May 23, 2017:
	SS: Reworked how the VDP2 rendering thread waits, to make Saturn emulation usable with the default OpenBSD kernel.

	SS: Added emulation of the light gun("Stunner"/"Virtua Gun").

April 28, 2017:
	#include'd many commonly-used C and C++ standard library headers in types.h(and removed redundant #include statements 
	from various header and source files), to reduce the probability of portability problems
	(due to neglecting to explicitly include a header file) when different standard C/C++ libraries
	behave differently in regards to what header files include what other header files.

	Added a sound output driver for OpenBSD's /dev/audio.

	Reworked the sound output format conversion code to be more versatile, 

April 25, 2017:
	NES: Wrote new "Barcode Battler II" emulation code to replace the old "Barcode World" code, based on quick testing with
	actual hardware(albeit the English version).

April 24, 2017:
	SSFPlay: Added save state support.

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