MedLaunch v0.5.7.2 Released

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Direct Download – Minor Release

  • (Feature) – Added progress bar for MedLaunch and Mednafen update downloads
  • (Feature) – Modified MedLaunch updater to download from the official download mirror (meaning much faster update times)
  • (BugFix) – Re-designed auto-scrape methods in an attempt to eliminate games ‘missed’
  • (BugFix) – Fixed exception generated when using the ‘Unscraped Games’ filter with sub-system games present in the library (FDS etc)
  • (BugFix) – Re-added missing video.driver config setting (that went walkabout at some point in the last 5 months)
  • (Change) – Increased dialog window show-time on game launch errors (so users can actually see what the problem was)
  • (BugFix) – Mitigated exception on PSX game launch where game files/path had changed and game had not been rescanned
  • (BugFix) – Mednafen version now detected if user has deleted stdout.txt (for whatever reason)
  • (BugFix) – Exception when scraping megadrive game that does not have a country/region detected
  • (Feature) – Asyncronous loading of sidebar images (to make navigating the games library a little less sluggish)
  • (Addition) – Added .sgx as an acceptable rom extension (suprgrafx)
  • (Feature) – Removed Configs ‘SAVE CHANGES’ button. Config settings are now saved automatically when you navigate to another tab or system filter – Minor Release

  • (BugFix) – Fixed on-game-launch exception when starting a netplay game
  • (BugFix) – Fixed ‘import config’ prompt on launch always appearing when user has explictly said NO to this previously
  • (BugFix) – Manual download method for mednafen no longer ‘hangs’ the UI
  • (BugFix) – Mednafen folder selection method now no longer results in an inifinate loop of menus under certain conditions

Important Release Notes (0.5.7.x Major Branch)

This release introduces a number of bugfixes that can be seen below. It has also done away with all the separate DAT and json files that were being used to identify games on import. The now reside in a SQLite database that is shipped with release.

In order for the new DATDB and bugfixes to come into play, please rescan your ROMs and DISCs before raising any issues.

There is also (still) an official MedLaunch mednafen server running in the UK. More details can be found here: and the server is automatically listed in the server browser within MedLaunch.

Notable Additions

  • (BugFix) – Fixed issue with ROMs inside zip files not launching correctly (ROMs will need a rescan for fix to take effect)
  • (BugFix) – Removed ‘-wswan.rotateinput’ command that was causing more recent versions of Mednafen to not launch wswan games
  • (BugFix) – Fixed issue with SBI file import for m3u games
  • (BugFix) – Cancel button on scanning and scraping dialogs now works correctly
  • (Enhancement) – All separate disparate DAT files have been combined into a smaller, fast SQLite DB

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