Mednafen 0.9.46

The Mednafen team have released a new version – 0.9.46.

Official Website:

SHA-256: 674faf42bdb0ad5649aea65da266b0be3428995caaa7be183fc6d3ed7732467a
SHA-256: e869db3dac14d020471055d81bc8d21d6cf63cf3d9806ea14879cf9eff8eab4d
SHA-256: 282ef3d6b383978976bedb991b9df57b846713028fcca48c2e1be966a66be41e


-- 0.9.46: --

August 10, 2017:
	Compile with explicit -fstrict-aliasing, for distributions/OSes that have configured gcc to
	not enable strict aliasing at -O2(and possibly other levels).

	Fixed a bug that could, under certain conditions, cause emulator OSD elements to not be updated in the time
	after entering frame advance mode and before a frame advance.

August 7, 2017:
	Use a sorted std::vector instead of std::multimap to store current settings, to reduce memory usage.

August 6, 2017:
	SS: Added ss.input.port*.3dpad.mode.defpos settings to control the default position of the digital/analog mode switch.

August 5, 2017:
	Allow addresses above FFFF to be entered as the logical watch address in the debugger.

August 4, 2017:
	SS: Added kludge to fix layer offset problem in "Daytona USA CCE".

	NES: The functionality controlled by setting "nes.fnscan" now recognizes "(F)" and "(France)" as PAL.

	NES: Added support for iNES mapper 40.

July 11, 2017:
	Utilize _byteswap_*() functions in endian.h when compiling with Microsoft's C++ compiler.

June 22, 2017:
	Fixed a couple of minor issues(log header formatting, and skipped logging of first instruction in step mode) with the debugger's
	undocumented trace log feature.

	NES: Corrected the period of PAL noise channel frequency setting 0x1.

June 21, 2017:
	NES: Fixed a few square wave sound channel emulation bugs(wrong phase for duty setting 3, and failing to clock the period counter
	when the channel is silenced).

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