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Important Release Notes (0.5.18.x Major Branch)

This is a BIG release that fixes many bugs and includes quite a few enhancements.

Note: The MedLaunch overlay is not transparent anymore (meaning that you cannot see the background image properly). This has been fixed in DevBuild-91:

Notable Additions

  • (BugFix) – New version downloads don’t stall at 100% anymore (but obviously you will still have to manually update until you are running THIS version)
  • (Enhancement) – Added setting to reformat game title case when displayed in the library. Options – no change, Title (Camel) Case, All Caps
  • (Enhancement) – Context menu option to delete ROM(s) from disk – currently only ROM games that are either uncompressed, or are the only ROM file within a zip file (disc-based games and 7zipped ROMs not supported)
  • (UI) – Re-styled the games library favourite ‘tick box’ so that it no longer looks terrible
  • (Enhancement) – Added the following controller configuration options: Saturn (light gun & mouse), SNES (superscope & mouse), PSX (guncon, justifier & mouse), PCE/PCE_FAST (mouse), PCFX (mouse), NES (zapper) and MD (mouse)
  • (UI) – Controller configuration now shows ‘pretty’ names for Keyboard & Mouse bindings (hovering over each binding does however show the actual mednafen command in a tooltip)
  • (BugFix) – Binding of tertiary controller settings is now possible
  • (Enhancement) – Compatibility and download links for mednafen 0.9.48
  • (Enhancement) – Added basic ROM/Disc inspector functionality
  • (BugFix) – Library game info text now auto-scrolls if right boundary is breached
  • (Enhancement) – Games library now converts/translates the majority of returned country codes (to give a more uniform display)
  • (BugFix) – Fixed library sidebar scroll events not bubbling through child items (so now library sidebar will vertically scroll with mousewheel whever the mouse is located on the sidebar)
  • (CodeChange) – Added custom DiscSN lookup library (for obtaining PSX game serials from disc images) and removed the BizHawk DLLs
  • (BugFix) – Fixed SlimDX.dll exception on some systems – implemented pre-req check on startup with option to install vcred_x86.exe if it is not detected (required for MedLaunch to work)
  • (BugFix) – Fixed (finally) exception generated when changing the GUI Zoom slider on non-English OSes
  • (BugFix) – Fixed exception generated when opening the Theme Changer on non-English OSes
  • (BugFix) – Fixed exception when importing configs on non-English OSes
  • (Enhancement) – Implemented SevenZipSharp library in place of SharpCompress. This gives better speed when dealing with/importing games within 7zip archives.
  • (BugFix) – ROMs within archives files now have their hash detected correctly
  • (Enhancement) – Multiple ROMs within archive files can now reside in nested subfolders within the archive itself
  • (Enhancement) – DAT lookup database (AsniDAT.db) now contains CRC32 and SHA1 hashes (along with MD5 that it had previously) – this reduces import/scan time for ROMs within archives
  • (Enhancement) – Major disc-scanning improvements, just point MedLaunch at the root folder for that system (psx, saturn etc.), and it will parse and import all games (and create .m3u files if they are needed). With multi-disc games, all the files for the game must be in the same folder or subfolder
  • (BugFix) – Fixed issue in DevBuild where mednafen update wasnt extracting all the files from the downloaded archive

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DiscSN queries PSX (Playstation 1) disc image and retrieves the embedded game serial number. It currently must be passed the full path to a *.cue or *.ccd file.

The main GitHub repo can be found here:

Pre-compiled class libraries (DLLs) for both .NET2.0 and .NET4.5.2 can be found on the releases page:

This library uses a lot of code from the BizHawk multi-system emulator, specifically the BizHawk.Emulation.DiscSystem library.