Mednafen 0.9.47

The Mednafen team have released a new version – 0.9.47.

Official Website:

SHA-256: 51137e60aeab070af8aba8ddc305834d2cf233be8ce82112cf38e93fe5329f3a
SHA-256: 68686760456feeb615a2279474b9c78fcd5927f91de285ba7b545b23d9900836
SHA-256: 6ad4bbf1b53508c4d1caee392516501cf5e4ce8e6b2053633f00a610e632c4af


-- 0.9.47: --

August 25, 2017:
Lynx, MD, NGP, SMS: Added a few missing variables to save states.

August 24, 2017:
SS: Added save state support.

Revamped save state helper macros and functions, to allow save-stating of variables in arrays of structs to be simpler.

August 22, 2017:
SS: Fixed BCR1 write protect, and added stub emulation of the other BSC registers.

SS: Added incomplete stub Action Replay 4M Plus emulation(for experimentation); proper Action Replay support would require SH-2 UBC emulation, and that
may be too costly performance wise.

August 21, 2017:
SS: Implemented very rough approximation of bus timing side effects when master SH-2 DMA is active(accurate handling of bus priorities and sharing would increase
CPU requirements noticeably, but it may ultimately be necessary as a database-driven option for some stubborn games in the future). Fixes startup hangs in
"Device Reign", "Real Sound", "Resident Evil", "SD Gundam G Century S", "Super Tempo", "Tennis Arena", "Tilk", "Yuukyuu Gensoukyoku",
"Yuukyuu Gensoukyoku 2nd Album", "Yuukyuu Gensoukyoku ensemble", "Yuukyuu Gensoukyoku ensemble 2", "Yuukyuu no Kobako Official Collection", and "Zero4 Champ".

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